ERT – Emergency Response Teams for your next event.

First Aid and Emergency Care for Events, Shows and Conventions

Our team of Certified Emergency Medical Responders and/or First Responders offer the highest level of on-site patient assessment, care and treatment throughout your event.

ERT’s mobile, on-site coverage includes:

  • 10×10 covered first aid station
  • first aid trauma gear
  • cots & chairs
  • cooling and/or warming stations
  • AED/Automated External Defibrillator
  • Emergency Oxygen Administration kits
  • Immobilization Equipment
  • Wheelchair & Crutches
  • Ice Packs & Hydration Supplies
  • Mobile Medical Responders on bike with mobile gear are also available ideal for quick response during outdoor events.

Mobile, On-Site First Aid Event Coverage

First Aid Event and Show Coverage

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