ERT has developed a Walk Safe Ride Safe program which is aimed to empower children to become leaders in helping to make our roads a safer place for everyone. By teaching kids that staying safe is their job, ERT believes THEY can be the change. Our presentation works directly with kids and teaches a few important rules of the road, how to walk and ride safely, how to look out for distracted drivers, how to remind drivers to get off their cell phone while driving and how they as leaders can make a difference in their community.

We are currently touring local schools and hope to visit your school soon.

ERT’s Walk Safe Ride Safe Programs:

The Distraction Challenge

Safety While Crossing the Street

Sidewalk Safety

Bike, Blade, Board & Scooter Safety

Don't Be A Fool, Follow The Rule - Kids Against Distracted Driving
Distracted Driving Brochure
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Walk Safe Ride Safe Programs for Kids
ERT- Walk Safe Ride Safe
ERT - Walk Safe Ride Safe

Georgia Walsh

ERT was inspired to develop these programs by the tragic death of Georgia Walsh.

On July 16th 2014, Georgia Grace Walsh, beloved 6½ year old daughter to Jillian Walsh, stepped off the curb on a green light, and within seconds her life tragically came to a sudden and unexpected end. 

Georgia’s accident struck a chord with families across the GTA, for one simple reason. Georgia could easily have been your child. But we never wanted this terrible fate to send the wrong message: That your children aren’t safe in their own neighbourhood, or that your kids can’t leave home without you.